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If you are looking to drive innovation, enhance resilience and adaptability and thrive in the next economy, you need to invest in the leaders of tomorrow - and that means you too!

Those who will succeed as leaders in our increasingly volatile world recognise the need to create the conditions for people to do their best work. They know that what worked in the past doesn't work now - and that to truly emerge as a leader takes work, coaching, learning and feedback.

I created the Four Legs Leadership Academy and developed the Four Legs Leadership Program to produce exceptional leaders who can create an environment that brings out everyone's best. An environment that drives attraction, retention and engagement of the best and brightest employees - and in turn delivers bottom line results.

My training and coaching gives leaders powerful and practical insights and tools which leaders and aspiring leaders can immediately apply in order to successfully navigate themselves and their teams through an uncertain and dynamic future.

If you want to lift yourself and your organisation to the next level, drop me a line at [email protected] for an exploratory conversation. The future starts now!



Leadership Services

Creating the leaders of the next economy


I've trained with some of the world's best speakers including Sam Cawthorn and the world-renowned Brian Tracy, to produce keynotes that have been described as "compelling" and "powerful", and are designed to both educate and inspire. 

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For a customised approach, I offer one-on-one coaching services to select leaders. I also recommend individualised coaching sessions as a follow-up to my leadership workshops to reinforce new learnings & assist with their key areas of focus or concern.

Coaching Programs

Leadership Program

The Four Legs Leadership Program is designed so that I can work with leaders in small group settings to rapidly accelerate their individual performance and that of their teams. It can be customised for NFPs, law firms and for female leaders.

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The Future of Leadership starts here

Whether you're an organisation or an individual, your journey to exceptional leadership starts today. For resources and to contact me, see below.

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